By day, Crystal is a mild mannered educator with an affinity for superheroes and anything geeky. By night, Crystal is a freelance writer and artist who is inspired by horror, fantasy, and New Orleans. She enjoys creating music soundtracks for her projects and characters, painting miniatures, and creating art.

Crystal is passionate about using games for education, and one of the genres she likes to write in is for child friendly games. She has written supplements for the RPG FirstFable, which is a game for children ages 4-14 that focused on a Halloween adventure. She was also a freelance writer for Third Eye Game's Pip System Core Book, which is a D6 base system that you can customize for setting and content. She is also the Pip System Game Developer, creating Pip System Primer content each quarter, and helping other games create their world using the Pip System.

Crystal is also a makeup artist and has been featured in several galleries and advertising campaigns in the Midwest. She draws inspiration from events such as Mardi Gras, Dia de Los Muertos, and Halloween. She has been working with Special FX techniques and cannot wait to share them. 

When she is not creating, she is either reading or playing games. She also enjoys painting miniatures, crafting, and designing fairy gardens.