A List of my writing projects that I have either written for, edited, or developed. Links are provided for purchase.

Flames Rising - Guest Blogger - Flames Rising is an online resource for horror and dark fantasy. The site features reviews, interviews, and resources for both genres. Crystal has been a guest blogger for both reviews of movies and books as well as an interviewer for those within the horror genre. 

Pip System - Published by Third Eye Games - This is a base system where any genre can be incorporated into it. It is a quick and easy to use system with an easy character generation process, making the game accessible to new players and families. 

FirstFable: There was a dark, dark, house - Published by Flames Rising - This is a Halloween supplement for the FirstFable game. Characters are sent to rescue their their friend from a haunted house. With spooky surprises and fun riddles, this game is a great game for families to play. 

Storyteller's Vault - White Wolf - This is a user created content site for Vampire the Masquerade. The following are the publications worked on for the site.

Pip System Primer - A Patreon driven publication where we feature a different genre each quarter. If you do not wish to be on Patreon, we always have them for sale on DriveThruRPG.

  • Fantasy Primer - Fantasy is much more in-depth then just fairies and magic

  • Noir Primer - Here’s looking at you, Squid.

  • Aliens Primer - It really is out of this world, but don’t tell the Humans in Black.

  • Dinosaurs Primer - Nobody ever asks anyone what their favorite dinosaurs are. So we did!

 Chicago by Night - Published by Onyx Path Publishing - This city setting brings the old Chicago by Night settings into modern nights using the V5 system. This is the first expansion for the V5 system. I worked on the Chicago History and Characters.