Haven - Day 1

Hex woke to the sound of the church bells ringing. The light was shining just enough where they could tell it was getting close to sundown. Hex was groggy and didn’t want to get moving too early, otherwise, they would be stuck inside, unable to do anything.

Listening again to the bells, Hex suddenly realized they were not the normal church bells that rang out in the night. These were the bells of years ago, the night of the fire that swept through New Orleans and destroyed most of it.


They quickly move through their haven getting ready for the night, even though a fresh change of clothes was all they really needed. Their space was small, a rental apartment on the top floor of the house, a place where they could have some privacy. The landlord did not enter the apartment without asking first, and Hex always paid rent on time, so no need to worry about what happened up there. Hex kept a small altar where they would keep their offerings. They kept blackout curtains in the windows and the door was decently locked. It wasn’t going to keep out someone if they really wanted to get in, but most break-ins happened at night, so Hex was fairly comfortable they were safe.

Hex liked their home. It was small but it felt comfortable there, and it was safe, something which was very important these nights. So if Hex was hearing the bells from long ago, they knew there was some sort of threat coming their way, but there wasn’t much Hex could do until the sun went down and they could fully wake.