Little Guardian's Review

What happens when two youngsters, switched at birth, strive to live up to expectations they aren't meant to meet? 

This is the premise behind Little Guardians. Subira and Idem were both born on the same night in Yowza Village. Subria was the born daughter to the Guardian for the village. But history has developed that every guardian has been a male. So the doctor and nurse make the call to switch Subira with Idem that fateful night. This ruse starts unraveling at the Zucchini festival, when spirits are accidentally unleashed upon the village. 

I really liked the premise of this graphic novel. This is book one and has made itself into setting the characters and feeling for the world in which the story takes place. I think they had a good start to their development, and have set the stage for potential character development within the storyline. You get to see each of the families involved in the storyline and how they view this world. 

The art is also very well done. There are a lot of fight scenes, but you get a feel for how the characters are without dialog. The fight scenes are also very easy to follow and well laid out. The art in this novel is wonderful and gives a clear layout of the story. There isn't a lot of clutter, but it offers enough interesting scenery to delight any reader. 

They do have a website,, where they continue the story. I prefer books, but I look forward to seeing the development. I cannot wait to seeing the dynamic between Subira and Idem, and how that might change when they find out the truth. 

The only thing I was a bit disappointed in is that the premise is very similar to Good Omens, Bad Omens. While the storyline development changed once you were introduced to the realm, they start out similar. I think this can be gotten over easily once the characters start becoming more dynamic.