Valiant Comics: Faith #1 Review

Title: Faith #1: Faith Begins

Valiant Comics

By Jody Houser, Francis Portela, and Marguerite Sauvage

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Faith is a spin off comic about a woman named Faith Herbert who had developed telekinetic abilities. She is able to fly and physically move objects. She joined a Superhero group called the Renegades to fight evil, but at the start of the comic, she had left the group in order to explore who she really is. She moved away from all of her friends, and started a new life on the West Coast as a pop culture blogger under the identity Summer Smith.

The comic starts a plot line right away, tying the reader into wanting to figure out what is going on. Then we move onto Faith’s life and catch glimpses of her in her day to day activities. During the day, she continually has run ins with her past, including an ex that has a reality show. Her superhero identity, Zephyr, is rather well known, and is one of the driving stories for the blog that Faith writes for. Overall, Faith’s life is fairly similar to many of our own in those respects. Even her superhero identity isn’t over the top or zealous, but rather someone who understands what her job is, even if it is just puppies.

Overall, the starting comic for Faith does a good job in catching the reader up with some of the backstory for Faith. The reader will get to know the character Faith and how she interacts with the world. You get to see her daydreams, her heart breaks, and see how she misses her friends. She’s doing what she needs to move forward. Readers will also get to see her powers, and how she uses them, and how that kicks off her path down into the plot thread that was at the beginning of the comic.

Lastly, the amazing thing about this comic, and the one that drew me to it, was the fact that Faith is a plus sized superhero. She is portrayed as a normal woman facing normal things. She has dreams and fantasies, she dates, she has men she’s attracted to. And she doesn’t lament continually on her size. In fact, it is never even mentioned, even by the supporting characters. Even her costume is done well, and is practical for superhero fighting with a bit of flair. Her health and weight are not up for discussion in the comic, and as someone who is larger, that is important to me.

So, dear reader, I highly recommend Faith to everyone. Her character and the treatment of her identity is well done and her story is engaging and interesting. I look forward to reviewing her other stories in the future.